Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Lorax Quilt #2 (Bright Version) is Finally Finished!

Today is a happy day for me because I have finally finished my second Lorax Quilt. This one is for my seven-year-old son's bed. The first one was for my three-year-old daughter's bed. So here it is in the bright colour-story.

I started this quilt in June and had meant to have it finished in the summer but as you can clearly see in the photo it is now fall and the leaves are coming down on this warm day at the end of September. I have already put the quilt in the washing machine and when my son comes home from school it will be all fresh and crinkly and up on his bed ready for him to sleep under. He will be so happy as he has waited patiently for a long time for his quilt.
 This is the backing fabric and the binding. All of the fabrics are 100% organic cotton.
Here is a close-up of the star of the quilt: Dr. Seuss' "The Lorax". I love the message of environmentalism in this story and in the new movie.
I adore how the multi-coloured thread looks on the white as well as on the grey background of this panel. This is "King Tut" 100% Egyptian Cotton thread. The thread colour is "Primary". I am very pleased with how this thread looks on the quilt. I bought it at a quilt shop in the mountains in Canmore, Alberta near Banff on summer vacation and was pretty sure it would work but didn't have any fabric swatches with me. It is hard to see in this little photo on the blog but the thread is variegated and goes from red, to green, to blue to yellow in bright primary colours.

Now I am on to the next quilt which will be a lap quilt for my Grandma's 89th birthday. I better get sewing because her birthday is in November. Thanks for stopping by to see my latest completed project.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

My stash is growing along with my "to quilt" list!

I have just been reading all the blog posts on the "Moda Blog Hop" (click here to go on the hop) and enjoying them all so much. This has inspired me to write a post on my own blog even though I do not have a finished project to show. My husband is in the military and is once again "away in the field" so I am super busy taking care of two kids, two dogs and working part time. (I am always busy with these things but when he is not here to help out I am SUPER busy.) I am happy to report that I do actually have a bit more free time now though because the kids are back in school! My daughter goes to playschool three mornings a week and when she was there on Friday morning I finished the blocks for my son's "Lorax" quilt. (See my daughter's "Lorax" quilt here.) So I can finally start putting it together. That is what I will be working on today and tomorrow as I have two days off from my part time job. My fabric stash keeps growing but so does my "to quilt" list.
I collected this gorgeous stack of fabrics over a year ago from various shops that I found on Etsy and online. I meant to have them sewn into Christmas quilts last Christmas! The fabric line is "Holiday Happy" by Monica Solorio-Snow of Happy Zombie. Click here to go to her blog. I LOVE this fabric and she has a new line coming any day that I also want called "Winterkist". Anyway, this photo has been my wall paper on my computer since I shot the photo over a year ago so I am reminded that I need to sew this fabric into quilts every time I look at my computer. But I'm not complaining. I love looking at these fabrics. Anyway, you can see my problem. Loads of fabric, not a lot of free time. I don't think I am alone in this. So, without further ado I better get to my sewing machine. Thanks for stopping by.