Wednesday, 30 January 2013

I Finally Sewed My Sherbet Pips Quilt!

Here is my second finished quilt of 2013. It is probably the easiest quilt anyone can possibly make so I got it done very quickly. I like how when you stand back and squint at it it looks pixels on a computer.
This quilt is a lap quilt for the living room made with two charm square packs of "Sherbet Pips" by Aneela Hoey for Moda. I LOVE this fabric and couldn't bear to cut into the charms and risk hacking up the little children and dogs so I just sewed the charms into a quilt top. Super easy... anyone can do it. Then I added a six inch border of my favorite fabric from the collection and a binding of another fabric from the collection and voila!
The backing is a solid grey quilters cotton. I hand sewed the double fold binding to the back.
This is the border fabric of the little doggies chasing balls and mice and leaving muddy paw prints behind them. I tried not to quilt through any of the adorable little dogs. They remind me of my Jack Russell Terrier chasing his ball in the yard.
Here he is panting after having a good few rounds of fetch. This photo was taken in 2010 in the spring. He still chases his ball even though he's almost 14 years old but not for as long as he used to.
Here you can see there are kids on scooters, little dogs and girls on tree swings. The most adorable fabric ever! I'm going to go poke around my favorite quilt shop and see if there's any hiding there still. I bought this fabric in 2011 though so I doubt it.
I tried not to quilt through the little children either so my quilting is a bit large and curvy but I love this quilt. For me this one is all about the fabric and not about fancy piecing or quilting. I am happy this fabric is finally out of my drawer and into a quilt for my family to enjoy.

Friday, 25 January 2013

A Friday Finish and the First Finish of 2013!

I have worked hard every spare moment this week to finish this quilt. In so doing I did two things that I never do when quilting. I used spray basting to baste the layers together and I machine sewed the binding down! I was desperate when I grabbed the can of spray basting that I've had for years but have been too scared never used until now. I had to be frugal when sewing this quilt and not buy anything (less working = more quilting time but also = less money to spend). This meant I had to piece together the bamboo batting and because of that the batting did not lie perfectly flat and smooth. So I used the spray basting on the top side and smoothed the top to the batting and then did the same for the back side.
This seemed to work enough that I could quilt it. I quilted it with a wavy stitch using a zig-zag stitch on my sewing machine. I saw this technique on Camille Roskelley's blog Simplify and it was a smart method for quilting a small quilt. Her's looks a million times better than mine but it was interesting to try out a stitch I had never used on my machine and in a way it was not originally intended for. (My machine was $400 about 14 years ago from Sears. It's a Kenmore. So not exactly la creme de la creme. It's on my to-do list to save up for a better machine!)
It was good to use up supplies I've had around for a while. The body of this quilt is a reproduction 1930's fabric collection called "1933" by Chloe's Closet for Moda. I bought the jelly roll a couple of years ago in Jasper, AB and had opened it to use a few strip in a baby quilt I had sewn and sold in my Etsy shop. So I wanted to use up the strips before they were ruined sitting around in my mess stash. The technique I used to make the strips into a quilt is in the book "Strip-Smart Quilts" by Kathy Brown.
This was the baby quilt I sold in my Etsy shop. It was made using a pack of charm squares (fabric is again 1933 by Chloe's Closet for Moda). I found a tutorial for the technique called "Hidden 9 Patch" on Allison Harris' blog Cluck Cluck Sew .
The border is a fabric I've had in my stash since 1999 (I think?). I bought it when "Crafts Canada" was closing out. Can you believe it? At least I finally used it. I don't know the designer or maker. The binding fabric is "The Little Romance Collection" by April Cornell for Moda. I don't know when this line came out but I bought it last summer in Canmore, AB. I also read on Cluck Cluck Sew about how Allison machine sews her bindings so on a whim (and when really wanting to be finished this quilt) I decided to do it. Again, mine did not turn out as well as hers but it's done. I took my quilt out to lay it on the snow for photos since it's a sunny day here and the snow is fresh from yesterday. It gives the photos a bluish colour.
The backing is a brushed cotton flannel by Northcott that I bought in 2003 in Edmonton, AB. It is so soft and cozy. I ran it in two directions as naturally I did not have enough. And I had to use a different fat quarter of the same line but solid purple down in one corner. This is what happens when you buy fabric with no idea what you're going to do with it. But it's the back so I'm not worried. It's still super comfy even if it is pieced and not perfect. (Secretly I like the back better than the front just for the coziness factor.) So the fabrics came from everywhere in both time and space but they all came together for a cozy quilt reminiscent of my Grandma's old fashioned house aprons. My family will use it for years to come to cuddle under, read books, watch TV and movies. It's in the washing machine as I write and my daughter is anxious for it to come out of the dryer all warm and fluffy. Can't wait!

Monday, 14 January 2013

Cards Designed by me!

I haven't posted anything about the cards that I make on this blog. So here goes!

This was a Thank you card I made for my sister with a Stamping Bella stamp. I chose this stamp because my sister is usually grumpy in the morning. Especially before she has a coffee.

This was a Thanksgiving card I made for my family. I made a few of them and sent them out in the mail. The stamp is from Stampin' Up. (A Tree for All Seasons set.) The sentiment is also from Stampin' Up. (Thankful set, I think)
This was a Halloween Card I made for my husband when he was deployed to Afghanistan. I put a lot of effort into it as  I wanted to cheer him up and since it was going such a long way it better be good! The stamps are from Stampin' Up.
This was a birthday card for my nephew. The stamp is from the "Creatures" set from Staving Artists stamps and the sentiment stamp is from Stampin' Up.

A Valentines' Day card. All supplies are from Stampin' Up.
This was a Thank you card for my son's teachers when he was in Headstart. I put a Starbucks coffee card inside each card. There were 6 teachers and therapists to thank that year. The stamps and ribbon are from Stampin' Up. The fabric which I sewed onto the black card stock was left over from the backing of my Coffee Themed Quilt. (I'll have to post that one up one of these days.)
This was a Thank you card for my son's Initiation hockey coaches. This stamp is from Stampin' Bella and I think it's called "Hockey-Mom-a-Bella". There were 5 coaches to thank so I made 5 cards.
How can you tell I'm Canadian eh? This was part of a set of cards I made as a gift for my son's female hockey coach who was a teen volunteer. I got the stamp at Michael's and the supplies are from my stash.

So those are a few of my handmade cards. If you need more details on the stamps or supplies please leave me a comment and I'll do my best to find more information. (Some of these were made three years ago.) Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I didn't get as much quilting done in 2012 as I would have liked but still accomplished a few. Now that I have quit my part time job that was becomming more and more like a full time job I have a bit more time. I completed a couple of last minute projects for Christmas gifts in the days before the big day. One project was these little sock monkeys for my two kids.
They have each been sleeping with their sock monkey every night so I guess they like them! :)

I also sewed three pairs of flannel pajama pants. One for my sister, one for my brother and one for me!
These are super comfy so I plan to make more in 2013.

I knitted a ruffle pom pom scarf for my Mom but didn't take a photo of it. It was wrapped right after it was finished. I finished knitting a dish cloth and started another so I am slowly getting my stash of yarn used up and my stash of dish cloths stocked up.

No quilts were started or completed for Christmas but there's hope for next year now that I have more free time. I am currently focusing on scrapbooking over the rest of the Christmas holidays. I am working on getting the photos from Christmas 2009 into my kids' scrapbooks. (I'm just a little bit behind.)

We had a suprise basement renovation at the end of November/beginning of December. Our landlords decided to insulate and drywall our basement. We had to move a lot of stuff out in not a lot of time which was very stressful. All my crafting supplies are in the basement so it was no small task. But now that it's over we have a warmer house and everything is very well organized. I went through it all and have refreshed my memory of what I have down there and reminded myself of projects I want to finish. So I hope 2013 will be a productive year that uses up a lot of my supplies.

I hope 2013 is a good year for everyone. Thanks for stopping by.