Sunday, 16 June 2013

Finished Father's Day Quilt for Dad

Today is Father's Day and I have just finished sewing the label on my Father's Day quilt for my Dad. We are heading over to my parent's house for a Father's Day supper in a couple of hours. Nothing like cutting it close! :) Financial constraints prevented me from getting this quilt finished sooner. I have sewn a very similar quilt top for my husband but his is not finished yet as I still need to buy backing and batting. He says he's okay with that. ;)

Here is the finished quilt in my backyard with Dad's canoe in the background. The pinwheels are made with two charm square packs of "Creekside Trail Flannels" by Holly Taylor for Moda. The background fabric is a flannel covered in fishing flies which I believe is by Robert Kaufman. (I didn't save the selvage. oops!) According to my receipt from the quilt shop it is called "Pine Ridge Flannel." The border is a marble brown flannel and the binding is "Winter in the Pines" flannel also by Holly Taylor I believe.

This quilt is a throw size made entirely from quilt shop quality flannels with Warm and White batting. All fabrics were bought at "Quiltessential Co." quilt shop in St. Albert, Alberta. It is quilted with a meandering stipple on the main body of the quilt top and loop-de-loops on the border. I broke out all my short cuts to get this done on time so it was spray basted (and then washed when finished to wash out the spray basting) and the binding was machine stitched to both the front and the back. (I am getting good at that now! No stitches in the binding on the front!)

Here is a close-up of some of the fabrics. I love the bears! I did not trim up my half square triangles and as a consequence some of my points do not match up perfectly. As you can see here with the light brown block. I did trim up all the half square triangle squares for my husbands and all my points are bang on on his quilt. (I learned this from Pre-cut Piecing Made Simple by Camille Roskelley on

Here's another block I like with the little cabin (lower right) and the moose. Also a bit of a look at the loop-de-loops on the border and the machine sewn binding.

Here is the back. Super soft and cozy flannel. This is a Robert Kaufman solid flannel.

Here is my embroidered label in my own handwriting. This quilt is in thanks for all the babysitting my Dad did for me so I could work while my husband was away. Sure do love my Dad! :)

A closer shot of the back. I am not the greatest machine quilter. Especially on my little Kenmore machine. I bought Frons and Porter machine quilting gloves and this was my first time using them. I actually quilted the pinkie tip of my right hand to the quilt! Fortunately it was only three stitches I had to unpick to get my glove free. I felt a bit dumb! Ha ha!

Just needs a ribbon and it's ready to be presented to my Dad. Whew! Photos of my husband's Father's Day quilt will be coming in the near future. In the meantime I can get the borders on it and prepare the binding. Happy Father's Day to all the great Dad's out there!


  1. Wow! What an intricate quilt. I'm sure he'll love it. I love the label!
    Amanda Rose

  2. That is just the best Dad's quilt ever. All that flannel would be so cosy. I have to say considering you didn't trim your triangles the points meet really well. The hand stitched label is the perfect finishing touch.


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