Saturday, 30 November 2013

Cyber Monday Sale Starts Today

Hi everyone. I am having a Cyber Monday sale in my Etsy shop. Everything is 20% off from Nov. 30th through to Dec. 2nd at midnight. Here are my latest creations that I have in my shop. :) I have added a section for zipper pouches to and I have been having so much fun sewing them and picking the fabrics for them. Please send me an Etsy convo if you are overseas and wishing to purchase one. I will get a postage quote for you.

 These ones are "goth style" zipper pouches with geeky glasses for the lining fabric.

 I have two Matryoshka zipper pouches. These are priced higher than the goth ones because the zipper alone was $5.00.
 They are lined with dark purple pearl bracelets.

And I have one pink one with cameras on the outside and geeky glasses for the lining.

Thanks for checking out my latest projects. :) I managed to find a sewing machine light bulb at Walmart for $1.97! So I don't have my flashlight duck taped to my machine anymore. Happy sewing and shopping!

Sunday, 24 November 2013

A Productive Weekend

I have been so busy sewing this week I haven't had time to blog about it. So get ready for a lot of pictures. :)

 I sewed this pillow cover yesterday. It says "home is where the army sends us" on the roof. I am making them to order in my Etsy shop and have received two orders so far.
 I made this little Gnoma Claus pillow yesterday too and have these listed to be made to order as well.
 I made two of these zipper pouches. One for me and one for the shop. I love this pink camera fabric.
 I used the Geekly Chic geeky glasses fabric for the lining for both pouches.

Arent' they fun!? I am sewing some goth style ones with skulls for the shop too. They're not really my thing but I know there are people out there who will enjoy them. They will be lined with pink geeky glasses too.
 I made a few more of these mug rugs though I haven't been getting as many done as I would like. I decided that since the school is only selling donated items for .25 cents that I would donate the 10 or 15 Estee Lauder make-up bags that I have sitting around the house (brand new of course) and I'll just sew the mug rugs for the church fundraiser. These take a bit of work and I think they're worth more than .25 cents.
 I sewed this pillow cover this afternoon as it was the first order I received from a fellow military wife. She wanted PPCLI (Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry) colours so we have burgundy and gold in here.
Here it is finished but when I was done it was almost 4:30 in the afternoon and the sun was already setting! So I could not get a daylight shot. It's hard to see here but it says "home is where the army sends us" on the roof. I later added the family name to the door at her request.

Oh yeah, and the light bulb in my sewing machine burnt out. I thought I had a spare one around but of course I can't find it. Maybe I don't have one. So, I duck taped a pink LED flashlight to my machine. How sad is that? Ha ha!

So, I've been busy spending quality time with my sewing machine. Now my studio looks like a bomb went off so I better tidy up a bit. Thanks for visiting my somewhat neglected blog today. :)

Saturday, 16 November 2013

My Gnoma Clause Mug Rug

Time escaped me once again this week but I did manage to sew up this cute little mug rug. The fabric is Winterkist by Monica Solorio-Snow for Lecien.

I can't get enough of these Gnoma Clauses that Monica designed. I don't know what I'm going to do when I use up all my fabric. I'll try not to think about it. I quilted this guy with loop-de-loops. I plan to sew a few dozen of these in the next couple of weeks for fundraisers at the school and church and also as teacher gifts. I hope to put a few in my Etsy shop too! They're handy - especially on a desk where you don't have a tonne of space. You can keep your coffee mug and a small snack plate on them as they're bigger than a coaster and smaller than a placemat. I'm looking forward to sewing them in five colours. I have almost the whole day off tomorrow so I should be able to get a few finished. They're a great way to use up batting scraps too! :)

Monday, 11 November 2013

We're Almost Halfway Through November!

I don't know where the time is going but I just do not have enough of it these days! There has been some sewing going on here but not as much as I would like. This is my finish from last Tuesday though.

 It's another Lorax Baby quilt for my Etsy shop. This time in the "natural" colourway.
 I "free styled" it on the piecing again by just working with what I had on hand and coming up with this pattern.
 All piecing and quilting is sewn with Aurifil thread. I love that little Lorax! He's too cute!
 I pieced the back out of scraps too. The binding is machine sewn to both the front and the back of the quilt.
 I had a happy mail day last week when these lovely "Scrumptious" pre-cuts arrived. I ordered them from Craftsy when I signed up for Camille Roskelley's new class "Playful Piecing Techniques". When you sign up for classes you can usually order fabric for the class at a discount. :) I have also ordered a kit for one of the quilts in the class so I am eagerly checking the mail everyday waiting for that to come in. I also signed up for Joanna Figueroa's Class on Craftsy as well. Both of these classes have fun quilts in them so I hope I can get some sewn up soon! I used coupon codes for both of these. For Playful Piecing I found one in this post on Camille Roskelley's blog. I got the discount for Joanna's class when Craftsy had a sale on quilting classes so keep an eye out for those to save some money.
 Today is Remembrance Day in Canada. We are a military family so it is a very important day for us. Here are my kids all dressed up to go to the ceremony and looking angelic. (They are not always like this. Ha Ha! But on the whole they are very good kids.)
They were asked to lay a wreath on behalf of our church so here they are all ready before the ceremony even started. My husband and I were very proud of them. They did a great job.