Saturday, 1 February 2014

Finished Tops!

I was busy sewing last weekend as well as today and yesterday. So I have some quilt finished quilt tops to show on my blog. Yay! :)

 First, I finally finished my String of Pearls quilt top from the quilt-a-long last summer! It only took a few hours to get finished. I don't know why I let it sit for so long. There is my dog thinking about lying down on it. This is going to have to sit a bit more now until I get some backing and batting for it.
 In the summer of 2012 we took a little trip to Drumheller, Alberta and visited the Royal Tyrell Museum of Paleontology. While in Drumheller, I visited the quilt shop there and picked up these dinosaur fabrics. They have sat since then. When I pulled out the "String of Pearls" blocks these fabrics were underneath in the drawer so I pulled them out too. The nine patch squares are made with fabrics that have dinosaur fossils on them. The centre is a panel. I need to order a border fabric and I have found some on Etsy that I like. Then this quilt too needs backing and batting. My son is patiently waiting for it to be finished. :)
Just this morning I finished this Valentine's Day pillow and I plan to write a tutorial for it this afternoon to post here on the blog. It's my first tutorial and I hope to have it ready for tomorrow. :)

** UPDATE** I finished my tutorial! :) You can find it here or click on the tutorials tab at the top of my blog.


  1. I want to do the String of Pearls, but highlight different Asian prints. Your's turned out lovely.

  2. wow that first quilt top is fabulous!! you haev been very busy indeed!


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