Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Baby Girl Quilt 3

Here is the third baby girl quilt. This one is made out of Butter Cup by Joanna Figueroa of Fig Tree & Co.for Moda. The borders are from different lines but also by Joanna. I used one charm square pack for the main quilt top and some Moda candy bars for the pieced borders.

I quilted it with intermediate weight Aurifil thread in a tan colour. It kept breaking in my machine though which was very frustrating. Maybe I need a needle with a bigger eye? Is anyone else having trouble with Aurifil thread breaking in their machines? I've had breakages in both the Kenmore and Juki machines.

This quilt measures up at 40 x 37 inches after washing.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Baby Girl Quilt 2

I finished another baby girl quilt today! I was hand sewing the binding down as fast I could so I could take photos before the sun went down.

 This quilt measures 34 3/4 by 32 3/4 inches before washing so it is a nice size for taking on outtings and good for new little babies. It will also be great as a lap quilt when baby grows into being a toddler.
 I really went to town quilting this and went out of my comfort zone of simple meandering/stippling to do feathers and side to side loops. I also quilted loops in the borders.

 The fabrics are Simplicity (the charm squares) and Oasis (the candy bars) by 3 Sisters for Moda. The border is also a Moda fabric but I'm not sure who the designer is because all I had was a fat quarter and the selvage was cut off at "for Moda".
 I used the same fabric for the binding as for the backing. It's a cream swirl print.
I had to put in one extra Robert Kaufman charm square and candy bar to have enough fabric. I have plans for a third baby girl quilt using "Buttercup" by Fig Tree for Moda and then I will move on to baby boy quilts. (Dinosaur and Bug themed!) I am making these for my Etsy shop (and to use up my supplies).

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Baby Girl Quilt Finished and Good News

This has been a more productive week for me. I started getting up at 6:00 a.m. instead of my usual 7:00 - 7:30 so that I could work on this baby quilt for my Etsy shop. I am finding it very difficult to get sewing done in the evenings these days because of all the kids' things that need to happen in the evenings and also I am feeling too exhausted by the time they are in bed.

 So here is a lovely feminine baby girl quilt. The backing has little girls and women dancing ballet on it. Almost makes me want to have another baby girl... but not quite! (I don't think I would survive the toddler years again!)
 I put in a little graphic detail by running two intersecting rows of Moda candy bars among the charm squares. The fabrics are "Serenity" and "Oasis" by 3 Sisters for Moda.
 I am thrilled to finally have something finished and listed in my Etsy shop. It feels like it's been quite I while since I have had a new listing. This quilt is listed for sale here.
 In making this quilt I tried out this fantastic binding tool that I won in the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway day. It really works and I am so pleased with it! I always fold my bindings at the ends as I have too much trouble getting them the right length when I try to sew them together but this tool eliminates that problem. I won it from Andrea at The Champ Life. Thank you so much Andrea!
And I won another giveaway which came in this week. All the way from the U.K.! I am so excited to have won these U.K. quilting magazine from Kerry at Penny Dog Patchwork. You see those projects on the covers? Those are hers! She was not only published but she got the covers! Congratulations again Kerry!

Which brings me to my good news. I am going to have a quilt and article published in a quilting magazine too! I am beyond thrilled. I will tell you all about it when the magazine comes out and I will do a giveaway like Kerry did of a copy of the magazine. It should be out in March.

On a personal note we went to a hockey tournament in a little village called Marwayne last weekend. (There is an excellent little fudge shop there! Yum!) My son's team won two out of their three games. Here is my little hockey star #12:

Thanks for visiting my blog today and hearing my exciting news! :)

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

W.I.P. Wednesday Charity Quilt Project Blocks

It's W.I.P. Wednesday at Freshly Pieced and I am linking up today with some blocks I have been working on for Charity quilt projects. First up are quilt blocks that I am sending out in the mail (hopefully today) to the U.K. to Little Island Quilting. She has asked quilters to send her 12 1/2 inch quilted blocks, or whole quilts if you can, to distribute to children in a home for street children of Mexico City. Check out her Jan. 2 and Jan. 5 posts on her blog if you want to get involved.

 I posted last week on my blog about my friend who is too ill with cancer to sew anymore and she gave me an amazing gift of a Juki sewing machine. She also gave me three file boxes of fabric! Inside one of the boxes was this postage stamp block. I added the borders to make it 12 1/2 inches. I am not the greatest machine quilter so I am a bit nervous to send these off. I hope they are okay.
I made these two pinwheel blocks for the Mexico City project and quilted them with stippling.
And I found this red and white block in my stash which I tried to echo quilting on. So, I hope these blocks will work out for the project and help to make a difference.

These next four pictures are of slabs I have made for my Quilt of Valour project. The smaller slabs will be cut into maple leaves which will be appliqued onto a piece of white fabric. The larger slabs will be cut in half to be the sides of the Canadian flag. The quilt will be a rainbow of Canadian flag blocks.
This slab technique is new to me so I hope I am getting it right. It's good for using up scraps that's for sure. This project fulfills two goals: to sew a quilt of valour and to use up some of my sizable scrap collection.


I am using Cheryl Arkinson's Oh, Canada pattern for this project.
So those are my WIPs this week. I am linking up with Freshly Pieced today. Thank you for visiting my blog!

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

First Finish of 2014

I have a finish to show today! Yay! It seems like it's been a long time since I had a finish to show on my blog. I did have that wall hanging in December I guess but that was a small project. :) Anyway, here it is.
 This is not entirely a 2014 finish because it was started in 2013. I wrote about it in this post back in July. It's the "Swell" quilt from Camille Roskelley's "Simply Retro" book and I made it as part of a quilt along.
I was undecided about borders and then we had to get all packed up and move 200 km down the road to a new town with my husband's work transfer so this little quilt has been stuck in a drawer ever since I got my sewing studio unpacked.
I pulled it out yesterday, made a quick decision on borders and sewed them on. Then today I tried quilting on the Juki for the first time and here we are! It's quilted and bound. (I machine bound it.)
Initially, in July, I was going to be selfish and keep it for myself because I love the fabrics so much. The fabrics are "Ruby" by Bonnie and Camille for Moda with a "Bliss" fabric by Bonnie and Camille for the border and rounding out a bit of a fabric shortage in the main quilt top. Anyway, I have now decided to give this quilt away. More on that later in this post. :)
The backing fabric is a grey polka dot and I have no idea who designed or produced it as there is no information on the selvage. I got it for $1.00 a metre at a church fundraising sale to benefit Grandmothers in Africa last spring. It was wide enough that I didn't have to piece it. I also do not know information on the biding fabric which is a tone on tone calico. I've had the white background fabric and the red binding fabric in my stash for about 13 years! I bought them when "Crafts Canada" was closing out and originally meant to sew a red and white quilt with them.
Here is the quilt laid out on the dining room table.
I have decided to give this quilt to my friend because I know she really wants a quilt. She also really needs a quilt in my opinion and I hope she will get to have a nap under it soon. She is a Mom to twin girls who are about to turn six years old. Both twins are adorable. One of the twins is a special needs child who is cute as a button. Mom and Dad have to overcome many challenges and miss out on a lot of sleep. This Mom also has Rheumatoid Arthritis on top of everything so she really does have it harder than most of us. I never hear her complain or say a bad word about anyone. And she is patient with me when I complain though she must want to roll her eyes at me. ;) If she's reading this she's probably guessed it's going to her but I hope this is the day she skipped reading my blog. :) Can't wait to see what she thinks!

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Year's Day 2014

Today was a productive day for me. I got all the Christmas decorations packed away. That was a four hour project! Then my daughter and I got to work on sorting my fabric scraps.

 We sorted them all by colour. Here she is in the kitchen. The kitchen floor was nice and clean for this project because my son had a Frutopia drink explosion / accident last night (the lid fell off the jug when he was pouring) so the floor got mopped.

After we sorted by colour, which took about two hours, I sorted by colour value. I also separated out all the fabrics that would be good for a man's quilts (ie. no florals!) so that I can sew this quilt pattern:
This is "Oh, Canada!" by Cheryl Arkinson. You can find this pattern here in her Etsy shop if you are interested.

This quilt will be a Quilt of Valour for a Canadian soldier/veteran that I know who is going through a hard time with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

This brings me to my "word of the year" for 2014. Many bloggers are picking a word and I have chosen the word "Compassion". In relation to that word I hope to sew at least two Quilts of Valour this year.

In addition to that my goals for this year include:
1. Putting a serious dent in that huge scrap collection in the top photo.
2. Stocking Canadian fabrics by Northcott in my shop that are "for a cause".
3. Finishing all the quilts I said I was going to finish in 2013 that I didn't!

Here's hoping I have success with all of these.
Happy New Year! May you have a successful year as well!