Monday, 29 September 2014

Lua Sleep Sack - A Finished Project

I have been meaning to sew this for about three months now but I finally got it finished yesterday. It's a "Lua Sleep Sack" for my new baby daughter. I used a pattern by Straight Grain Patterns. If you want to make one too you can find it on An's website I found this pattern to be very well written and I had no problems following it. The most tricky part was putting in the zipper on the side but once I got it straight in my head by reading the instructions it was not a problem at all. I recommend this pattern (and no one has asked me to say that... that is from my own experience and opinion.)

I used Tula Pink's squirrel fabric from her "The Birds and The Bees" line for Free Spirit Fabrics. The pattern has an option of sewing a lovely piping detail on the bodice but I opted not to use that on this one due to the large print on my fabric and also because I wanted to use some matching Tula Pink Ribbon that I bought especially for this project. This is size 0-6 months. I plan to sew more in sizes 6 months-1 year and 1-2 years. For this sleep sack I decided not to have batting between the layers as small/new babies have trouble regulating their own body temperatures. The lining is Bonnie & Camille's Sundae print for Moda in flannel. For the larger sizes I will probably use batting between the layers unless the sleep sacks will be used in the summer.

Here is my little girl in her sleep sack. It is still way too big for her but she is growing fast. (Her feet are just  at the flowers below the big squirrels under the ribbon on the bodice.) I like sleep sacks because babies cannot kick them off and wake up cold. There's already enough waking up in the night as it is! :)

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

WIP Scattered Quilt

I have a WIP and a finish to show you today. First up is my finish. It's a baby wrap! I tried it out today for my first walk outside with our new baby Aylin. We walked up to the post office with Daddy to check the mail. (There were two packages of fabric for me! Hooray!) The walk is about 1 km round trip and it went very well with the new wrap.

Briar Rose baby wrap.
 I used a jersey knit from the Briar Rose line by Heather Ross for Windham Fabrics for the wrap and then put a panel of the orange Nanny Bees from the same line on the front. The panel does not stretch as much as the jersey so baby is more secure. Plus, it looks cute. :) I had a general idea of how to make this in my head as I owned a wrap the last time I had a baby (almost six years ago!). Just to confirm I was on the right track I looked up a "how to" video on YouTube. I watched this one by "Mikmaq Mama" to get a general idea. I used 2.5 yards of jersey and cut it in half on the fold line. Then sewed the short ends together to make a 5 yard piece. I am finding it could have been longer so I would recommend using 3 yards and creating a 6 yard long wrap. I then cut my panel from a half yard of the Nanny Bee quilting cotton as it was slightly bigger than a fat quarter. I just sewed the panel right on top of the jersey to cover the middle seam. Then went all the way around with a stretch edging stitch on my sewing machine. That part took the longest. There are YouTube videos on how to wear the wrap that popped up with the Mikmaq Mama video. I really only know the one way on the front.

And here is my W.I.P. (work in progress). Daddy and Baby are sleeping this afternoon so I got my "Scattered" quilt laid out on my "design floor" a.k.a. the kitchen floor.I am now ready to start sewing the top together.
Scattered Quilt using "Barcelona" by Zen Chic. Quilt designed by Allison Harris for "Modern Quilts from the Blogging Universe."
I was originally sewing this because I have meant to sew it since the book came out and I first saw it on Allison's blog . I was also sewing it as part of the "Sewvivor Sewalong" on Instagram hosted by Rach at Family Ever After . I'm not sure I'll be done in time for the sew along but I do plan to be done soon. I think this will be a nice quilt for my son's bed.

My wrap will get a lot of use for sewing with baby... especially when Daddy goes back to work at the end of next week. It will be interesting to see if I manage quilting while wearing a baby. I think piecing will be fine but maybe not quilting.

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Saturday, 20 September 2014

Baby News

I haven't blogged here in a while and this is why. Our new baby girl was born on September 10th. I named her Aylin after a fellow quilter and blogger in Germany who blogs at  I had won an Instagram giveaway from Aylin a couple of months ago and I thought her name was so beautiful that I decided to give it to my daughter. Aylin tells me the name means "little moon" or "the shadow around the moon." We love our new little girl and her beautiful name.
Baby Aylin dressed and ready to go home from the hospital Sept. 13th.

Aylin wearing a baby bib received from a quilty friend on Instagram. Bib made by Becca Cleaver.

Hanging out with Mommy on a quilt on the couch.
Isn't it so fascinating how we quilters can make friends with each other online across miles and oceans? I love it! I am off pain killers now and we are into day 10. I think I might be up to sewing soon and the first thing I want to sew is a baby wrap. I am also busy scheming up a mini quilt idea for the Instagram Mini Swap.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Very Cherry Swap and Canuck B-day Club Instagram Swaps

I have been happily sewing to get some of my swaps out in the mail before the birth of my baby. Today I would like to show you some of the things I made that went in the mail this past week.

First up is the "Very Cherry Swap" items for an Instagram swap I am participating in.

These are the items I put into a box to sent to my swap partner in Ontario. The mini quilt in the foreground is the main item. I made yo-yos for the cherries and leaves. My new Brother sewing machine does fancy little decorative stitches so I used the machine to put the little hearts all around the border.

The tea towel also has yo-yo cherries. I made a little scissor fob and added some little craft supplies in the zip lock bags.

I got out my embroidery book "Little Stitches" by Aneela Hoey and used the cherry pattern for this adorable pin cushion and needle book. (I made an extra embroidery to turn into a pin cushion for myself.)

Of course there was candy too. Cherry Nibs!
 I am part of a "Canuck B-day Club" on Instagram as well. We are a group of 10 Canadians and each month has a different birthday girl. We all make and buy gifts for that person each month. When it's our own birthday month the gifts come to us. This is what I sent to the September birthday girl. I made the pin cushion and zipper pouch on the lower left as well as all the sewing themed cards. The rest of the items are purchased.
The embroidery patterns were from "Little Stitches" again. The card making supplies were from Stampin' Up.

I adore how these turned out! Once again I stitched extras so I could make items for myself but of course my items are not completed.

This little pin cushion is stuffed with fibre fill on the left so it doesn't show through the white fabric and then crushed walnut shells on the right side. The twill tape says "My hobby is knitting and handcrafts." Is that little embroidered sewing machine not the cutest!? I've had the book for two years and just now I finally made some of the things in it.

And this is the little zipper pouch. I am very happy with how well the embroidery turned out. I think the September birthday girl is going to love it! I can't wait to see what she thinks. Her package should be delivered today.
Besides these I have also sewn projects for two Halloween Instagram swaps but I'll save those for another post closer to Halloween. Now I am back to sewing for baby! I made two receiving blankets on Wednesday and a quilt top yesterday. So today I will be finishing the quilt. Happy sewing everyone! :)