Thursday, 27 July 2017

Cute Cactus Pillow

Some of you may remember when I released the Kawaii Cacti pincushion pattern a couple of years ago. It was my very first pattern. Since then it has been featured a few times by Etsy (this is like gold to Etsy shops) and is my highest viewed listing which is fantastic. However, many of the people who see it don't sew so it isn't much use to them. They ask me if I have the pincushions for sale but so far I don't because of the length of time they take to make (about four hours). I don't feel they would be in the price range that most people would expect to pay for pincushions. Plus, does someone who doesn't sew really have a use for pincushions? So what I have listed instead is a throw pillow which takes the same amount of time but is a more useful item for people who don't sew. It was my project finish of the day yesterday. :)

I think it's pretty close to the originals. Minus the pins! ;)

I probably should have thought of this before now... but anyway, it was fun making the sample. Thanks for stopping by today to see it!

1 comment:

  1. Adorable succulents, even "Grumpy" looks happy on your pillow:)



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