My Finished Projects

Here are some of my finished quilts over the years.

Made for Canuck Bday club February birthdy gal.

Sherbet Pips patchwork lap quilt.

Summersville baby quilt donated to charity.

Bliss patchwork lap quilt with pebble quilting in the border.

Father's Day quilt for my Dad.

Father's Day quilt for my husband.

Lap quilt from Simply Retro by Camille Roskelley.

Churn Dash baby quilt.

Lorax baby quilt.

Tumblers table runner for my Aunt.

Batik rainbow baby quilt.

Christmas table runner for my Aunt.

Lorax baby quilt.

Quilt I made for a busy Mom who suffers with rheumatoid arthritis and has twins (one of whom has special needs).

Pretty baby quilt.

Another lovely baby quilt.

Yet another baby quilt.

My first quilt to be published in a magazine. Maple Leaf Swirl.

Dinosaur quilt for my son.

Quilt of Valour made for a Canadian soldier.

April showers baby quilt for my daughter.

Garden pillow for my Mom.

Fathers and Sons pillow tutorial I made for Mad About Patchwork.

Briar Rose 16 patch.

Nine patch baby quilt.

Hexagon baby quilt.

Chicopee Hashtag quilt donated to charity.

Quilt of Valour made for a Canadian Soldier.

Strawberry mini made for the Strawberry Swap on Instagram.

Whale tail pillow made for my son's room.

Whale pillow for my son's room.

Quilt for my son's room.

Pillow cover for Canuck Bday club.

Gasoline Rainbow. Mini made for the IG Mini Swap on Instagram.

Christmas pillow for my Cousin and his girlfriend.

Christmas pillow for my Aunt.

Coffee pillow for my sister.

Christmas pillow for my Grandma.

Christmas pillow for my brother.

Mendocino and Cotton+Steel mini for the Schnitzel and Boo Mini Swap Round 3 on Instagram.

Mug rug for the Whimsical Mug Rug Swap on Instagram.

Pillow cover for the Sew Cute Birthday Swap on Instagram.

Hazel the Hedgehog pillow cover.

Hexagon pillow cover made for a tutorial on my blog.

Scrumptious Piece of Cake 3 quilt made for my Aunt who is fighting breast cancer.

Tic Tac Toe Easter baby quilt made for my daughter.

Ruby Charm Dash quilt made for a blog hop promoting the Charm Dash pattern.

Bugs Charm Dash quilt.

Dinosaur Economy block quilt made for my Etsy shop.

This pink one was originally for my Etsy shop but it now resides on my daughter's bed. Originally I had bought the fabrics for a quilt for her but then I felt she had too many quilts. I guess there's no such thing as too many quilts.

This is a Christmas pinwheel quilt that was going to be in my Etsy shop but then I decided to give it to my manager at work as she is a brast cancer survivor and currently has lukemia as well so I thought she should have a cosy quilt. She uses it as a table cloth at Christmas time.

This is the first quilt I sold in my Etsy shop and it is a hidden nine patch crib quilt.

I made this lap quilt for my best friend. The colors go well with the colors in her home.

This is a modern Irish Chain quilt. Again it was in my Etsy shop but I decided to gift it to a little girl down the street who was moving across the country.

This is my Halloween quilt. It goes in my livingroom for the month of October every year.

A Halloween Table runner for my Etsy shop.

A quilt made for my Aunt with a "Thimble Blossoms" pattern using a French General layer cake.

A Christmas lap quilt for my Aunt and Uncle.

A table topper for my friend using the "Coming Home" pattern from Camille Roskelley's book "Simplify".

My first quilt commission for my manager at work. A log cabin quilt using "Fa la la la la" by French General.

I made this for .y daughter's bed. A "Lorax" quilt.

For my Mom's office using the other half of the French General layer cake and a "Timble Blossoms" pattern.

A "Lorax" quilt for my son's bed.

A lap quilt for my Grandma's birthday gift.

A lap quilt for me.

A Sherbet Pips quilt for my family.

My Bliss lap quilt.
Father's Day quilt for my Dad.
Father's Day quilt for my husband.
Quilt of Valour for a Canadian soldier.
Quilt for Calgary for victim(s) of the June 2013 flood.

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