Scallop Stitch

Scallop Stitch step-by-step

1. Bring your needle up and take a stitch leaving a loop on the top side of the work (as in lazy daisy stitch).

2. Bring your needle up where you want the top of your scallop to lay on your fabric. Catch the loop with your needle.

3. Take a tiny stitch (the stitch will go over your scallop loop) and take your needle back down. Pull thread taught but not really tight. (If you pull too tight your scallop will not be round but will be more triangular shaped. You can loosen it with your needle before you take your next stitch. Or leave it triangular if you prefer that look.)

4. Continue on in the fashion until you have finished your scalloped edge.
Note: This stitch is also called "Open Lazy Daisy Stitch".

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