Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Fabric Love January 2018 Edition

Hello! I am having a bit of a window shop online at my two lovely blog sponsors shops and thought I would share a few things that I am loving at the moment. That's the things about January... lots of window shopping. If you're lucky enough to be able to actually shop give these a look!

First up: The "For Fox Sake" bundle from Dear Stella at Clinton Modern Creative.

Photo by Clinton Modern Creative. I am especially loving that Raccoon print on the top of the pile.

This Cotton + Steel pigment basics aqua is definitely on my wish list. My favorite color of all time!

I cannot wait to get my hands on this "Purely Canadian" line by Andie Hannah. So cute! The three fabric photos above are available at Clinton Modern Creative.


Photo by Studio 39 Fabrics.

This Wild About You bundle at Studio 39 Fabrics is cute but also sophisticated. I love that they have the coordinating Kona solids in the bundle.

Photo by Studio 39 Fabrics.

If you missed out on the Paper Obsessed line it's now on Sale at Studio 39 Fabrics. I have quite a few fabrics from this line and they are fun. I liked using them to make notebook covers.

I hope you enjoyed this bit of fabric eye candy this evening as much as I did. :)

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Ninety Minute Valentine Pillow Project

Here's a quick Valentine Pillow tutorial for a fast and fun accent pillow to highlight the heart filled holiday on February 14th.

When I thought of this pillow I was inspired by the raw edge ruffle pillows that have been popular in decorating but I wanted to highlight the Valentine's Day theme with hearts. These hearts are cut with pinking shears so the edges will soften and fray but the pinking will help keep them from going too far.

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  1.  Half a yard of main pillow fabric. I used Kona Snow.
  2.  Fabric for the hearts. I used 6" strips of Boundless Ombre fabrics. If using these strips you will need about four strips.
  3.  A heart template. (I used an acrylic heart template from Creative Memories from my scrapbooking supplies that was 3.5 inches wide by 4 inches tall. If you don't have a scrapbooking template you can make a heart template with quilter's template plastic and clip art from your computer. Print out a heart, trace it onto the plastic with a Sharpie marker and cut out.)
  4.  A disappearing ink fabric pen or a Fixion pen.
  5.  Pinking shears.
  6.  Iron.
  7.  Sewing Machine.
  8. 18" zipper with nylon teeth
  9. 16" pillow form
  10. pins or Wonder Clips

Step 1: Trace

Keep your fabric strip folded in half (wrong sides together) the way it comes off of the roll. With your fabric pen trace the heart template all the way up the strip. I was able to get six hearts traced into one side of the strips.

Step 2: Cut

Cut the hearts out with the pinking shears. You will be cutting through two layers of fabric. Keep the hearts in pairs wrong sides together. 

Also cut the half yard of main pillow fabric down to 16.5" by width of fabric. Trim off selvages and cut two 16.5" squares. Cut one of the squares in half to make two 8.25" x 16.5" rectangles. Then cut a 3.5" x 16.5" strip from the remaining fabric. (this will cover the zipper on back) 

Step 3: Press

Fold the heart pairs in half vertically and press a center crease with your iron. If you used a Frixion pen this will remove any marks left after you cut out your hearts as well.

Step 4: Sew

Fold the 16.5" square for the pillow front in half and finger press to make a center line crease. Line up a heart pair on the top left side of the center crease. Leave at least a quarter inch from the top of the square for the seam allowance (so your heart does not get caught in the seam later).

Start at the top of the square with your needle lined up with the  crease of the heart pair. Sew down the crease. Pause with your needle down and line up another heart pair below the first one. Sew down the crease of that pair. Continue with two more heart pairs in this row.

Start again at the top of the square on the right side of the finger pressed crease you made. Place another heart pair a quarter inch from the top. Sew this row of heart pairs down the center crease lines.

Continue with the last two rows on either side of the pillow front.

Step 5: Add the Pillow Back

Create a pillow back as you prefer. You could make an envelope back but you would need to cut the backing pieces bigger than 8.25 inches to allow for a hem and overlap of fabric. Below are directions for a hidden zipper pillow back.

Fold the 3.5" strip by 16.5" strip in half wrong sides together along the length of the strip and press.

Take your 18" zipper and place it face up with the zipper pull on the left end.

Line up the raw edges of the pressed strip with the top edge of the zipper tape. Place an 8.25" x 16.5" rectangle on top right side down also lined up with the top edge of the zipper tape. Clip or pin all the layers in place (I find Wonder Clips to be easier than pins).

Sew the fabrics to the zipper tape leaving at least 1/8 inch of tape next to the zipper teeth (so the fabric doesn't catch in the zipper). This will be about an eighth of an inch seam.

Flip the rectangle away from the zipper teeth and the strip over the zipper teeth (as it will be when the pillow is finished) and press. Top stitch just next to your seam.

Place the zipper right side up with the zipper pull on the right end. Lay the second 8.25" x 16.5" rectangle right side down along the remaining zipper tape edge and clip or pin in place.

Sew the fabric to the zipper tape as before with about an eighth of an inch seam. Flip the rectangle away from the zipper teeth and press. Top stitch just next to this seam.

Slide the zipper pull to the center of the zipper (make sure to do this so you can turn your pillow cover right side out later). Hold the open zipper ends together and baste them together by sewing over the zipper with your machine where the zipper extends past the fabric.

Fold the strip that hides the zipper over the zipper and baste in place on either end with an eighth of an inch seam.

Trim off the excess zipper ends so the zipper is even with the fabric.

Place the pillow back right sides together with the pillow front and pin or clip in place. Sew all the way around (including over the zipper ends) with a quarter inch seam.

Trim corners on an angle (do not cut through stitching) and turn the pillow right side out through the opening in the zipper. Poke out the corners and insert a 16" pillow form.

Enjoy your ruffly heart pillow and Happy Valentine's Day!

Feel free to pin! ^^^

Other Ideas:

You could add more layers of hearts to make it more ruffly. Just keep in mind that many layers will be difficult for some machines to sew through. Four or six layers of hearts should be okay though.

You could cut 20 single hearts (instead of 20 pairs) and applique them down onto the pillow front if you don't like them flapping freely. It would be best to reduce your stitch length and sew around the hearts twice to keep them from fraying past the stitches. This will take longer to make.

Note that this pillow is meant to be a decorative accent pillow. I doubt that it will do well going through the wash so try not to spill your champagne and chocolate covered strawberries on it on Valentine's Day. ;)

If you have any questions send an email or leave a comment on this post and I will try to help.

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Friday, 12 January 2018

I-Spy Pouches Using a Minikins Pattern for Teacher Gifts

Affiliate links are present in this post. These links cost you nothing extra and they help me to keep blogging and creating posts here. Thank you for your support.

I-Spy Pouches

For Christmas gifts for teachers this year I used the I-Spy Pouch Pattern from the Minikins Pattern Collection by Sara Lawson of Sew Sweetness. I made Five all together in all three sizes but in the Christmas rush I only got photos of two.

I made purple ones for our pre-school teacher and our grade 4 teacher. Plus a green one for the pre-school teacher's assistant. I thought these pouches would be handy for teachers because of the see through vinyl window on the front. They can be used as pencil cases of course but they could also be used to hold special items for presenting during a lesson, game pieces or game cards for learning games and much more. These pouches were made with Libs Elliott "Tattooed" fabrics

I also made a large dark blue one for my son's junior high science teacher. He is a male teacher so I tried to make it more masculine and used the large lightening bolt fabric from the Tattooed line. I had asked my son to pick his favorite teacher for a gift as they have so many teachers in Junior High. But then I attended the high school band concert and I was so impressed with his music teacher that I had to make her a Christmas gift too.

I used fabrics from my stash to make a music themed I-Spy Pouch. This would be especially useful for holding reeds, strings and other small parts of musical instruments.

All Minikins patterns come with vidoes that Sara has recorded (and is recording) included. These videos are very well done and really make it easy to understand the instructions in the pattern. Sara also offers a Minikins Notions Kit which is how I got my vinyl for these bags and even after making five I still have enough vinyl for one or two more.

I love making these I-Spy Pouches and I love the Minikins Pattern Bundle. I will post more Minikins projects as I make them.

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Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Coming Soon to Daydreams of Quilts

Hello quilting friends! We have some exciting news to share about fabric lines coming to our shop. We have ordered three lines from Windham Fabrics that will be arriving this spring and summer. We also have cork fabric and batting coming too! The cork and batting will be arriving in February.

The cork fabric is actual cork and you can sew with it. We excited to have this sustainable product coming to our shop. Images below are from Windham Fabrics.

The cork will be a natural colour with gold flecks.

We have ordered the "Flourish" line by Mia Whittemore. Mia was the winner of the Uppercase Magazine  and Windham Fabrics fabric design contest.

We have also ordered both of the upcoming Heather Ross Lines. Kinder will be arriving in the spring.

Heather Ross' Christmas line Sugarplum will be arriving in June.

We will be offering Heirloom Quilt batting in 96" width by the yard as well. Currently we have added a few notions to the shop and will be working on expanding the notions section.

There will be more South African Shweshwe fabric coming to the shop as well.

We are thrilled to bring these fun fabric lines in and look forward to what 2018 has in store.

First Finished Rainbow Quilts of 2018

I have had these treasured fabrics in my stash and wanted to see them out in the world as quilts so I was busy sewing last week.

This first quilt is made with Alison Glass Chroma batiks. I cut my fat quarters into 10 x 10 inch squares and sewed them together into a patchwork quilt top.

I quilted it simply with horizontal lines in grey thread. I had no idea I would put the backing on this quilt when I bought it but it is really the perfect backing for this quilt. The words are all words to describe colours or descriptive colour names. This is a wideback from Windham Fabrics.

I bound the quilt with black kona machine sewn to the front and the back with black thread.

This throw quilt measures 56.5" x 75" is available for sale on our website and on Etsy. It is sure to brighten any room.

I also made a cute baby quilt using white Kona, 2 1/2 inch strips of Kona in rainbow colours and fussy cuts of treasured Heather Ross prints.

 I quilted the white with wavy lines in white thread and the rainbow colours are quilted in wavy lines with coordinating thread colours. I quilted around the princess and the pea and around the frog pond in the little framed out prints at the top and bottom of the quilt. The binding is purple ombre fabric.

It's tricky to use the princess and the pea print in quilts because it doesn't really cut out to a normal block measurement. I framed it in pink and set it on it's own.

I did the same with the print of the adorable frogs at the swimming hole.

Here you can see the different thread colours in the rainbow strips.

I backed it with cute Cotton + Steel Magic Forest squirrels. This quilt was fun to make!

This crib quilt measures 31.5" x 44" and is available for sale on our website and on Etsy.

Friday, 29 December 2017

The Oslo Craft Bag Pattern Review

Hello! I'm back with another pattern review. This one is the Oslo Craft Bag by Sara Lawson of (affiliate link) Sew Sweetness. This is a free pattern that you receive when you sign up for her newsletter. So you can't really go wrong there! :)

I made this one for my Mom for Christmas. She is an avid knitter so I think it will get a lot of use. I used Tula Pink fabrics from her Eden line for this bag and copper bag hardware from Emmaline Bags. The sun was going down again when I finished the bag and in the Christmas rush I didn't have time for more photos but I think it's pretty here bathed in golden light.

I fussy cut the fabrics for all of the pockets and put the lotus flower in the centre because my Mom loves yoga and the lotus is often associated with yoga.

There is a lot of cutting for this bag but there are many opportunities to play with fabric and fussy cut your prints to really highlight them. The side pockets have pretty pleats and snap closures. I used my KAM snaps in matching colours for these. I used a yellow snap on the flap and a pink receiving snap on the pink.

One of the side pockets in progress.

 This bag is a real challenge to make and it was another two day project for me. There are clearly defined steps that make it easy to figure out where to take breaks in your project. Sara's patterns are always very well done with many step by step photos to guide you.

This is the inside of the bag. It has two sections with a divider and also two slip pockets. On the outside there are the three pockets on the front which have darts on the bottom corners to make them rounded and also stand out from the bag. There are the two pleated side pockets with the flaps and snaps and there is one large pocket on the back. You could make the back pocket a divided pocket and turn it into two pockets or you could repeat the three front pockets on the back.

This was fun to make and I have plans to make one for myself with sewing themed fabrics. The only part that gave me trouble was sewing the straps. If you have a rivet setter and rivets it would make that step much easier. (On my wish list!) Give this bag a try!

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

The Ansel Camera Bag Pattern Review

In the past few months I have become a big fan of (affiliate link) Sew Sweetness bag patterns by Sara Lawson. I have added quite a few of them to my pattern collection. My sister and I both enjoy photography and I know that my sister wants to add to her photography equipment so for Christmas this year I sewed her the large Ansel Camera bag using Sara's pattern.

For the outside of the bag I used Tula Pink's "Deer Me" fabric from her Moonshine  and a green Kona solid for the straps.

For the inside of the bag I used fabric that I created by photographing my Grandmother's (and of course my sister's Grandmother too) Home Ec notes and laying them out together. I had this printed by Spoonflower. This fabric is available here. This adds a special personal element to the camera bag.

The Ansel Camera bag pattern is very thorough and detailed with photographs for each step plus there is a Sew Sweetness blog tutorial to make the mesh zipper pocket for the inside of the lid. It took me two days to make this bag. The large version has two removable dividers, as shown above, to create three compartments in the bag. The interior sides and bottom have foam in them to protect camera gear plus the entire exterior of the bag is made with bag foam as well.

 The sun was going down when I finished so I apologize for the darker photos. The strap is nice and long to enable the carrier to carry the bag cross-body which is great as it keeps your hands free to hold your camera and keeps the bag more secure. The clips are a nice professional bag touch.

This is the back view of the bag. The lid opens up fully for easy viewing and access to equipment.

This is the side view of the strap extenders. The bag uses two rectangle rings and a slider as well.

Another view of the optional mesh zipper pocket inside the lid and the inside of the bag.

I am very pleased with how this bag turned out. The pattern is excellent and includes three sizes of camera bags. I definitely want to make one for myself now. Sara's patterns are allowed to be used to sell the bags you make so I might sew a few and see how they do a markets. If you're up for a bag making challenge and/or you need a great camera bag I highly recommend this pattern.