Saturday, 19 April 2014

What I've Been Up To This Week

Today I sewed this Princess play dress for my daughter. It's a "Simplicity" costume pattern. She chose the fabrics and they were a bit difficult to work with. I am glad it's finished as I have been promising to sew it for a year. I sewed a size 5 and it's a bit big but she'll get more playtime out of it. I asked her if I should hem it up but she said no. She likes it draping onto the floor. :)
(All the photos in today's post are on Instagram so if you follow me there or on Facebook you've probably already seen them.)

 I put out my yo-you Easter egg today. I made this a couple of years ago out of leftover yo-yo's from two others I made for my Mom and my Grandma. The bunny in the snow globe is appropriate following our recent "spring" weather. I thought the Easter Bunny might have to call out Santa and the reindeer but the snow has all melted again.
 These beauties came in the mail this week from Mad About Patchwork. I ordered them on their anniversary sale. Four are Flea Market Fancy (I thought I better buy some before they were impossible to find.) And the citron is a Joel Dewberry from the Nottinghill line.
 I finally finished this pillow case that I started embroidering last spring. Now I need to do the other one. (I haven't washed or ironed it yet as you can see.)
 This is half of the first row of my "Design Your Own Sampler" quilt for the Sew Mama Sew Spring Sew Along. I finally decided what to do with my Comma Moda candy and four half yards I had! :)
Closer shot of my little sketch. I am feeling a bit ambitious and may actually sew up a Swoon block (which would be my first) for the 12 inch spot in the beginning of the second row.

I also bought a Baby Sleeping Bag pattern from Straight Grain so I can start sewing those up for the impending new arrival to our family. I went for my ultrasound on Thursday and we have been told 17.5 months (so about 18 months along now). I want a couple Straight Grain's dress patterns as well. We are pretty sure this baby is a girl but I am waiting until the next ultrasound to start sewing with pink. :)

Camille Roskelley posted a great link on her blog for a YouTube tutorial by Missouri Star Quilt Co. and I will absolutely be sewing some of these darling receiving blankets up as soon as I can get my hands on some cute flannels.

As usual, there are a million more things I want to sew but I think I did pretty well this week. This was on top of working full time at the fire hall and taking my kids to music lessons, piano practices etc. (Still working on the laundry!) Happy Easter and happy long weekend sewing to all of you!

Monday, 7 April 2014

A Couple of Finishes

I finished a couple of quilts over the past week or so. I'm pretty excited about that! :) First up is my Quilt of Valour which is now completely finished and packed up to go out in the mail. (Just waiting for payday on Wednesday.)

 This pattern, if you've missed any of my previous posts, is by Calgary quilter Cheryl Arkinson. It is called "Oh, Canada" and she sells PDF copies in her Etsy shop.
 Here are a couple of closer shots. The lovely shot cottons were received in a package of scraps that I won on Sew Mama Sew giveaway day last May from Allison at Little Island Quilting. It was so exciting to receive a package all the way from the UK.

 This is my son's dinosaur quilt that I finally got finished for him. He just turned 9 on Friday so I wanted to get it done this weekend. He loves science and these are not really babyish dinos so I figured I was still safe. I bought the fabrics a couple of summers ago in Drumheller, Alberta. There is a famous museum there called Royal Tyrrell Museum that is full of cool dinosaur fossils.
 I tried to get fancy with my machine quilting. I still need a lot of practice. My scallops turned out messy because I was going too fast so I am calling them dinosaur teeth and therefore it's all good. :)
 Here's a closer shot of some of the fabrics. I recently ordered the border fabric on Etsy because it just needed something.
 It is backed with Briar Rose because dinosaurs would eat crickets and clover. Right!?
And here is the birthday boy who had a rock climbing party for his birthday. I was up on the second floor of our communiplex to take this photo so he is actually up quite high. He made it to the top several times.

And in other news... I found out on Thursday that I am over four months pregnant! That was quite a surprise. I went in to the doctor because I thought something was very wrong with me. You know... like cancer. And I found out that yes, something is growing in my uterus but it's a little baby! So that was a relief but also a bit of a shock as I have not felt sick or exhausted as I did with the other two. So now I need to get some maternity clothes quickly as many things are not fitting anymore.

I will be finished my Government of Canada job at the end of May so that works out alright. More time for quilting and blogging! I was working as a Finance Clerk but due to budget cuts there was nothing for me to do so they moved me to the Fire Hall here on the military base that I live on. So I will help them out with clerical tasks until my casual contract is up. I just started there today and it is very interesting working in a Fire Hall.

So what's new with you? What are you working on for spring. I am designing a quilt with the Spring Sew along. You can see my design on Instagram. Or check the hashtag #dyosampler. Mine is the yellow, green and black one. I am using my "Comma" by Moda fabrics.