Tuesday, 24 June 2014

My 40th Birthday Giveaway!

I am turning 40 in this last week of June! To celebrate I have re-done my blog (still a work in progress) and I am hosting a giveaway here to thank all of you for following and hanging out here with me. (There are some Mason Jars up on the right if you want to find me in other places on the web.)

The prize is a $50 gift card to Mad About Patchwork a Canadian online and brick & mortar shop.

They have been super nice to me and I want to thank them and also support shops in my country. :) To enter, please use the Rafflecopter below. If you are not on Facebook you can sign in with your email address.

After that, head over to my Instagram page if  you like and enter to win 52 charm packs from my stash (1 for each of my years + the 12 days of Christmas... just because) and a roll of Peppermint Divine Twine. The charm packs are varied but there are a few Bonnie & Camille, Aneela Hoey and the 12 Christmas ones are from "Holiday Happy" by The Happy Zombie. Use hastag #daydreamsbirthday40 and tag me @daydreamsofquilts (There's a typo on the hashtag in my post.)

New followers are welcome to enter and these giveaways are open to anyone worldwide. The giveaway will close on July 2, 2014 at 5:00 p.m. Mountain Time.

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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Teacher Gifts and a Friendly Baby Gopher

This week I am working on these Pencil Crayon Wall hanging quilts for my two kids' teachers to give as end-of-the-year teacher gifts. I am using the "Back to School" pattern from Allison Harris' book "Growing Up Modern". I am making a single row of rainbow ordered pencil crayons as a wall hanging rather than a whole quilt due to time and cost constraints.

Pencil Crayon Quilted Wall Hanging for Teacher Gifts.
 I will add a white border and black binding of the same squiggle fabric. I thought the squiggle fabric was perfect because it looks like the pencil crayons scribbled on white paper. (The proper name of the fabric is "Canvas" by Bernartex.) I will also attach a hanging sleeve and put a dowel through it so the teachers can hang these in their classrooms.
Allison Harris's book "Grown Up Modern".

Cute gopher pup.
 We have gophers everywhere here! They are also known as Prairie Dogs and their proper name is "Richardson's Ground Squirrels". We just call them gophers. This little one is so friendly! All the other gophers run down their holes but this one comes over to us and let the kids pet it. (I am wondering if it has something wrong in the head?)
My daughter wearing shorts that I sewed on Sunday (Oliver + S Sunny Days shorts)

My daughter petting the gopher!

My son petting the gopher.

Now the gopher has had enough of being petted and is heading down his hole.
I am linking this post up with WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced. I am also working on re-doing my blog with help from the tutorials at Sew At Home Mummy. She has a 12 week series on her blog.
Sew at Home Mummy

Friday, 13 June 2014

It's The Little Things That Make Life Big

I have been working on a lot of little things lately and they are so enriching my life. First up let me tell you about the "Quilt for Aneela." Fabric fans will know that Aneela Hoey is the designer of the "Sherbet Pips" line as well as numerous other adorable fabric lines including "Sew Stitchy" and "Little Apples" and more. Her most recent line is "Hello Petal."

Aneela posted on her Instagram feed on Wednesday that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer and is going in for surgery. Chelsea of Pins and Bobbins is organizing quilters in sewing a Quilt for Aneela. Here are my two blocks ready to go in the mail.

Another project I learned about while travelling around the blogs and Instagram is a fundraiser for an adorable little baby named Clara who had to undergo open heart surgery just after she was born. She is the daughter of another fabric designer named Sandi. I first learned about this story on the blog Sew Me Something Good and a blog for the fundraising effort has been set up at For Sandi and Clara. You can make a donation to their cause and for every dollar you donate you will receive an entry into their huge selection of giveaways. I read Sandi's words on their Instagram #loveforclara page and it made me cry. As an expectant mother this story really touched my heart.

Last weekend I took two little Moda candies that I'd had sitting around for months and sewed them into nine patch squares. One was Fig Tree's "Avalon" and one was Bonnie and Camille's "Scrumptious". I also sewed together a Briar Rose sixteen patch baby quilt and it's ready for binding in the above photo.

I am volunteering teaching two fellow military wives to quilt using this quilt at our local Military Family Resource Centre. I am finding it so rewarding teaching others to quilt! I am already planning a more in depth project to teach in the fall.
These are my fabric postcards for the "Canadian Quilt Talk" podcast's Maple Leaf themed postcard swap. They were due today but I had them ready last weekend. We mail these just like regular postcards in the mail! You can find the podcast at Brandy's website and click on CQT Podcast.

 This is our vegetable garden. It is not such a "little thing" but it has lots of little things growing in it.
 Here are some of the bean plants. I cannot wait for fresh peas, beans, carrots, potatoes and more to come from this garden. My husband has been working on this harder than I am I have to admit.
This is the quilt made with the nine patch blocks from the Moda candies sewn together. I had to make two extra nine patch squares from scraps I had. I polled my Instagram followers on what I should do about borders so I will be implementing a border plan this weekend. I also plan to sew a pair of shorts and another Quilt of Valour Swoon block this weekend. Oh, and teacher gifts! Wish me luck!

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Wildlife and Skywalk in Jasper National Park, Alberta Canada

Hi! I am in such a good mood tonight after teaching my first ever beginner's quilting class at my local Military Family Resource Centre. I am teaching some of my fellow military wives to quilt! This post isn't about quilting though. However, it has cute wild animals so click in and have a look. (Warning, lots of pictures - 17 to be exact.)

As those who follow me on Instagram know, I was in Jasper National Park the weekend before last. We go every year with my parents and siblings for a family trip. This year was amazing for wildlife sightings because of the late spring. We saw five bears! Three black bears and two brown bears. We also saw elk, deer, mountain goats, big horn sheep, coyotes, a caribou and a bald eagles' nest.

The new "Glacier Skywalk" in the Icefields of Jasper National Park.
 My Mom treated us all to a trip to the Glacier Skywalk. There is a great interpretive walk with interactive displays and information you can listen to as you walk along.
View of the Canyon. The Skywalk is on the left.

Another Canyon shot. We are surrounded by Rocky Mountains but the clouds are obscuring the view.

My brother and my kids listening to interpretive information.

A Mother and Baby Mountain Goat as seen from above on the Skywalk.

My feet on the glass floor with the canyon far below.

Tourists on the Skywalk.

The mother Mountain Goat.

Myself on the glass floor. (I'm five months pregnant and it was windy so you'll have to cut me some slack in the glamour department. ;)

A brown bear (photographed from the safety of my van) on the Icefields Parkway. Look at that cute face!

Another photo of the brown bear.

And a black bear on the same ride home on the Icefields Parkway.

Another photo of the black bear. I did not exit my vehicle to take these photos.

A deer on the Icefields Parkway. It was a great drive for viewing wildlife.

Canada geese.

Another deer. This one was at Lake Annette and has been collared by the Parks staff.

Lake Annette. I will never tire of looking at this water. I love these colours.
So, have I enticed you to come visit my beautiful province and visit one of my favourite places on earth? I love Jasper! It's a national treasure.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Fathers and Sons Comic Strip Pillow Cover

I am being featured on the Mad About Patchwork Blog today for my Fathers and Sons Comic Strip Pillow Cover. I pitched my idea to Mad About Patchwork and won 8 fat eighths to make my project.

Fathers and Sons Comic Strip Pillow designed and created by Anita LaHay.

Fathers and Sons love to BBQ together and work with tools together.

My TV came in sideways! Sorry, you needed to stretch your neck anyway right? :)

I wrote up a tutorial for it if you want to make one or want to know how I made it. It's over on Mad About Patchwork's Blog. :)