Saturday, 29 April 2017

Project Bag with Bamboo Handles

I have had these bamboo handles for years. I'm not even sure how many years. I finally made them into a bag this past week!

I used Tula Pink "Eden" fabric on the outside of the bag and "Birds and the Bees" fabric on the inside. It's amazing how well these two fabrics that were released years apart go together.

I used a fee tutorial from the Emmaline Bags blog called "The Great Granny Bag". The fabric is hand sewn around the handles.

This bag will be available at the Mother's Day Market this May 5th and 6th in Wainwright, Alberta and if it doesn't sell there it will be in my online shop afterwards. I think this would be a great knitting bag!

I am so happy that these bamboo handles are out of my stash and fulfilling their purpose! :)

Thursday, 20 April 2017

New Class at Craftsy! The No-Sew Clutch!

This class is at Craftsy's lowest introductory price of just $9.99! I am definitely taking this deal and wanted to let you know too. Click my affiliate link below to get there. (For more on affiliate links please see my "About" page.)

If you've never tried a Craftsy class before this is a great low-risk way to check out what they're like. I have over 10 Craftsy classes in my collection and they never expire. You can go back to them over and over again and watch them as many times as you like.

Click Here to get "The No-Sew Clutch" class for $9.99

Update: I bought the class and I am on lesson three already. I really like the looks of these bags! I definitely want to make some.

Friday, 14 April 2017

Craftsy's April Supplies Event is on Now!

Hello! I have news from Craftsy that their April supplies event is on now! I went over to have a look and there are many quilt kits on sale and more. You know I am a huge fan of their Boundless Ombre fabrics that I wrote about in this post and used in my Rainbow Version of the Pixel Heart in a Pixel Heart Quilt. And good news! Those are on sale too!

Note: This post contains affiliate links. For more on affiliate links please see my About page.

Deals on all kits & supplies!
Quilting Supplies and Kits: Up to 50% off
Sewing Fabric and Kits: Up to 70% off
Knitting Supplies and Kits: Up to 50% off
Crochet Supplies and Kits: Up to 50% off
Cake Decorating Supplies: Up to 40% off
Sunday, April 16th at 11:59pm MST

Click here to find these deals!

If you are wanting to step away from the sewing machine and try some new cooking and baking techniques check out these deals below!

Making mouthwatering pizza is something any home cook can do! Join baker Richard Miscovich as he takes you through the pizza-making process. You’ll master essential techniques for baking artisan-style pizza as you learn to make five unique doughs, including a four-hour classic dough; whole-grain; deep-dish variations; and more. With Richard’s expert guidance, you’ll be well on your way to shaping signature pies that every pizza fanatic will love.

Click Here for this Class!

*Get 50% off the full retail price of the Craftsy class, King Arthur Flour's Mastering the Art of Pizza. Limit one per customer. Cannot be combined with any other coupons. Expires May 10, 2017.

Add sugar and shine to your cakes with meringues and mirror glaze. Join JJR for the latest episode and find the exclusive kit here.

Happy Sewing, Cooking and Baking! And have a Happy Easter weekend to those celebrating! :)

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Make More Money at Craft Fairs - a very useful ebook

Hi! If you read my newsletter you know that I have been very busy this year getting ready for my first big effort at craft shows this year. I have designed a booth - drawing on my skills from my U of A Residential Interiors Course - I knew that would come in handy some day! My talented husband is building it for me. And I have been sewing up many different types of stock for my booth. I have been reading blog posts, books and ebooks and I came across this really good one that I am sharing with you today.

Note: This post contains affiliate links. If you click on those links and buy I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. For more on affiliate links please see my "About" page.

Make More Money at Craft Fairs - How to Be the Busiest Booth

I bought my own copy of Make More Money at Craft Fairs - How to Be the Busiest Booth and I am amazed at the quality and quantity of information in here! This is definitely going to save me a lot of trial and error and it will do the same for you if you choose to buy it.

If you're already knowledgeable with Craft Fair and just need some new ideas to step up your game you can purchase this version of the book. And if you're a Craft Fair pro and you want to stay on top your game there is this version as well. However, for the most bang for your buck I recommend the Ultimate Guide which is the one I purchased.

Erin Mooney, who is the author and also the blogger behind the Made Urban Blog, draws on her own experience as a craft fair vendor as well as her experience working in big retail stores to help us gain the upper hand with our craft fair booths and table displays. She also has advice to keep us from trying to do too much and getting overwhelmed along with many other useful topics.

This 291 page interactive ebook contains worksheets and checklists to help us keep on track, absorb the information and apply it to our own situations. There are 11 chapters and a section of checklists and printables. This ebook is actually an ebook. There have been a few times in the recent past where I have bought an ebook only to find it is only 20 pages long (or less!) and felt disappointed. Not so with Make More Money at Craft Fairs. I feel I got my money's worth and more with this purchase and I will be referring to it over and over again.

I hope I have helped to introduce you to a useful resource today! Thank you for stopping by my blog.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Canadian Flag Pixel Heart Quilts

Hi! I was hard at work on Sunday finishing up my Canadian Flag Pixel Heart Quilt. I really wanted to see it finished. I have written a pattern that has two versions: A Canadian flag heart and a Canadian flag IN a heart. I have sewn both but only have photos to share of the first one so far.

The pattern for this quilt can be found at Daydreams of Quilts, Etsy and Craftsy.

I am also accepting custom orders for these quilts. The listing for those can be found here.

Canadian Flag Pixel Heart Quilt designed, pieced and quilted by Anita LaHay of Daydreams of Quilts.

My Canadian Flag Pixel Heart Quilt! I am already looking forward to having this over my lap at the fireworks this year. :)

It's quite handy that we have this giant Canadian flag pictured here in the background within walking distance of the house for a photo shoot prop. ;)

I quilted the heart with cross hatch quilting to set it apart from the background.

The background is stipple quilted. I bound it with text fabric. I don't think I will ever tire of text fabric.

The backing is my long treasured little doggies from "Sherbet Pips". I didn't have quite enough so I put two strips of Craftsy's Boundless Ombre fabrics down the sides.

The other option in the quilt pattern is a flag in a heart. I have sewn this one as a Quilt of Valour and am entering it in Northcott's QOV challenge. I haven't managed to get it quilted yet.

I certainly am proud to be a Canadian and I am so pleased to have this pattern released in time for my fellow Canadian quilters to sew quilts before Canada's big 150th birthday celebration this summer. :)

Monday, 10 April 2017

Pixel Star in a Pixel Heart Red White and Blue Quilt

This Pixel Star in a Pixel Heart quilt was my son's idea. I was brainstorming ideas for things I could put in Pixelated Hearts and my son said "Mom, why don't you sew a Pixel Star in a Pixel Heart?" So I have him to thank for this great idea!

Today's quilt is the Red, White and Blue version. I also have a Pink, Aqua and White one ready to sew together.

This pattern is available at Daydreams of Quilts, on Etsy and on Craftsy.

This quilt is for sale at Daydreams of Quilts or Etsy.

Pixel Star in a Pixel Heart Quilt designed, pieced and quilted by Anita LaHay of Daydreams of Quilts.

I have been making all of my Pixelated heart quilts, which I call Pixel Heart quilts for short, with fabrics from my stash. This one is made with about 95% Bonnie and Camille fabrics from Moda. There are three or four prints from other designers in the background and binding. This quilt is 52 inches square. Adding background squares and/or borders would easily make it larger. I am sewing with what I have so I didn't have yardage for borders but this is a great size for sitting in a chair or a lawn chair watching the fireworks at summer celebrations.

Some of the prints are nautical and the colours have a nautical feel so we took the quilt to the nearest dock to shoot photos. It's a local fishing pond so not very glamorous but I think it still added interest to the quilt photos. :)

As you can see in the above photo the ice still isn't fully out yet on the pond. Spring has not yet fully sprung here and it was snowing when I woke up this morning. But let's not talk about that. Hopefully it will warm up soon!

I quilted the background in white 50 weight Aurifil thread (colour 2021) with my current favourite quilting motif which I am calling balls on strings.

The heart is quilted with stippling in red thread and the star is quilted with big springs going from the corners of the arms of the star to the centre in blue thread. Both these threads are 50 weight and come from the "Simplify" collection that Camille put together for Aurifil.

The binding is a Navy blue fabric with little anchors. I think it's by Dear Stella? It is machine sewn to the front and back of the quilt.

The back of the quilt is the adorable strawberry print from "Hello Darling" by Bonnie and Camille. I was saving this for another quilt but that quilt is still nowhere near finished so I am backing this quilt and the other aqua and pink one with this print.

Here's a look at the ice on the fishing pond. I wouldn't dare step on it (I was standing on the dock for this photo.) I hope it's warmer where you are!

Thanks for visiting my blog today! :)

Friday, 7 April 2017

Pixel Tree in a Pixel Heart Christmas Quilt or Quilt for Environmentalist

A week has flown by already since I finished this quilt and I haven't had a chance to blog it until now! This is the Pixel Tree in a Pixel Heart Quilt which I designed as a Christmas quilt pattern but this would also be a great quilt for a tree lover or environmentalist.

This quilt is made of all Lizzy House fabrics with a bit of Kona mixed in.

This pattern is available at Daydreams of Quilts, Etsy and Craftsy.

Pixel Tree in a Pixel Heart quilt designed, pieced and quilted by Anita LaHay of Daydreams of Quilts.
 It was a very foggy morning last Friday (it was foggy three days in a row!) so my cheery Christmas quilt has a bit of a spooky Halloween feeling but I like the foggy backdrop so I went with these photos instead of shooting them again. I had tried to photograph it the night before and disaster struck when the kids were helping me and my daughter accidentally stepped on the quilt with a muddy shoe! I had to quickly scrub and wash the quilt so these pictures are after washing. The batting is 100% bamboo and this quilt is so soft and snuggly after it's been through the wash. (Thankfully the mud came out!)

I asked my husband to let the corner drop down to show that it is backed with Lizzy House as well. The backing is mini pearl bracelets and the binding is a green from "The Lovely Hunt" line. The background fabrics on the front are from the "Whisper Palette" and "Asterisk"lines.

The tree is several different lines of Lizzy House. There is "Asterisk", "The Lovely Hunt", "Butterflies" and "Natural History". I quilted ornaments into the tree with 28 weight Aurifil thread in green. I quilted wood grain into the tree trunk with 28 weight Aurifil thread in a matching brown. The heart is stippled with 28 weight Aurifil thread in red. The heart fabrics are from "Natural History", "Butterflies", "Asterisk" and Kona solids.

I quilted the background with what I'm calling balls on strings - vertical lines interrupted by circles.

I quilted loopy springs in the border. I left the HSTs unquilted but may go back in later on in my lifetime and quilt them when I have some idea of what to do with them.

Thanks for checking out my Pixel Tree in a Pixel Heart Quilt today!

Monday, 3 April 2017

Rainbow Pixel Heart in a Pixel Heart Quilt with Boundless Ombre Fabrics

I have finished my Rainbow Pixel Heart in a Pixel Heart Quilt! I love it! It turned out to be quite a bit harder than I thought it would be putting it together. I am not the greatest at doing puzzles so it took quite some time to lay it out. Then a small tragedy struck when my 2-and-a-half-year-old dragged her jacket through my quilt layout and I had to re-do it. It turned out alright in the end though.

This post contains affiliate links. For more on affiliate links please see my "About" page.

This quilt is made with my Pixel Heart in a Pixel Heart pattern. The pattern includes a colouring page so you can figure out a rainbow quilt layout like this too. I made this quilt with Craftsy's Boundless Blenders in Ombre. I am very pleased with these fabrics and am going to order more because this quilt has already sold!

I first told you about the Ombre Blenders in this post. I haven't used them all up yet but I am ordering more as soon as I can. :) They are fun to photograph too.

I quilted the small heart with crosshatches because even though I used the lightest part of the ombre fabrics for the small heart and the darkest parts for the large heart I wanted to make that small heart stand out a bit more.

I quilted the large heart with vertical lines on either side of the seams. Then I quited the background which is Kona Snow, Kona White, Kona Seafoam and a Kona Tan with stippling.

A closer look at Craftsy's Boundless Blenders in Ombre. I had a lot of fun making this quilt even if I did have to lay it out twice! ;)

How I'm off to pack it up and send it to it's new owner! :) Have a happy rainbow kind of day!

Saturday, 1 April 2017

I need your help! Please vote for Daydreams of Quilts

Hello! I don't often ask for help, especially from my readers and followers, but I can't do this one on my own. Would you please click over and click the vote button to vote for Daydreams of Quilts in Etsy's #DifferenceMakesUs contest? The small business with the most votes wins $13,000.00 to scale their business and that would make a big difference to me at Daydreams of Quilts.

I would love to be able to have my patterns printed so I could have the option of offering my customers print patterns. I would also love to expand the supplies section of my shop and do more craft shows. I really appreciate your support! Thank you so much.