Friday, 29 December 2017

The Oslo Craft Bag Pattern Review

Hello! I'm back with another pattern review. This one is the Oslo Craft Bag by Sara Lawson of (affiliate link) Sew Sweetness. This is a free pattern that you receive when you sign up for her newsletter. So you can't really go wrong there! :)

I made this one for my Mom for Christmas. She is an avid knitter so I think it will get a lot of use. I used Tula Pink fabrics from her Eden line for this bag and copper bag hardware from Emmaline Bags. The sun was going down again when I finished the bag and in the Christmas rush I didn't have time for more photos but I think it's pretty here bathed in golden light.

I fussy cut the fabrics for all of the pockets and put the lotus flower in the centre because my Mom loves yoga and the lotus is often associated with yoga.

There is a lot of cutting for this bag but there are many opportunities to play with fabric and fussy cut your prints to really highlight them. The side pockets have pretty pleats and snap closures. I used my KAM snaps in matching colours for these. I used a yellow snap on the flap and a pink receiving snap on the pink.

One of the side pockets in progress.

 This bag is a real challenge to make and it was another two day project for me. There are clearly defined steps that make it easy to figure out where to take breaks in your project. Sara's patterns are always very well done with many step by step photos to guide you.

This is the inside of the bag. It has two sections with a divider and also two slip pockets. On the outside there are the three pockets on the front which have darts on the bottom corners to make them rounded and also stand out from the bag. There are the two pleated side pockets with the flaps and snaps and there is one large pocket on the back. You could make the back pocket a divided pocket and turn it into two pockets or you could repeat the three front pockets on the back.

This was fun to make and I have plans to make one for myself with sewing themed fabrics. The only part that gave me trouble was sewing the straps. If you have a rivet setter and rivets it would make that step much easier. (On my wish list!) Give this bag a try!

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  1. Thanks for the useful post! I definitely want to make one for myself next year :)


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